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While the number of tests are down, the trend is definitely going the right way. COVID-19 Update Stay at home order enacted Jan 14th, we have been under the Stay at home order now for 17 days. “Thank you to Mayor Al and the City Council for proclaiming 2021 a Year of Inclusion in North Bay. Latest out break including variant locally pointed out during media briefing by the Province. Yesterday, February 7, 2021, the North Bay Regional Health Centre’s Assessment Centre tested roughly 110 people from the apartment building onsite. We ask everyone to follow the Stay at Home Orders and follow of the protocols To a ”T”. That light was dimmed for us when there was a shortage and delay of the vaccine recently. We need to hang in as tough as that sounds.

We need community leaders to help us. I know people want to help but who do you call? Without co-ordination, volunteer based groups struggle. It is just one idea and there are just as many greater ideas out there. Citizens are sitting at home and thinking the worst, so many without supports. This is a segment we can communicate to but it will take a lot of effort. We have been hearing great feedback and appreciation in regards to how the city is communicating and assisting our citizens during these uncharted times. Thank you for all your messages, sharing your concerns and questions that you have. The trending topics that you are hearing helps greatly. Out of respect to our front line workers, our seniors and our fellow citizens, please hang in there. Stay home, physical distance, good hygiene, no unnecessary travel. Be Proud North Bay, you are leaders in Ontario.

This Week in Flyers

These are temporary measures during the pandemic. Well Done North Bay, 2nd lowest in the Province. Our citizens and local businesses doing their part for our community. Our frontline workers continue to be there for us, thank you. I would like to recognize and thank our citizens and local businesses doing their part to protect our frontline workers, their employees and customers and our community. Thanksgiving is a concern for future surges.

COVID-19 Update (360-A)Today marks the 1 year anniversary of WHO declaring a global pandemic. Here is a look back from a community perspective. Two cases announced today, was travel related and was close contact with a confirmed case. The 3rd case I don’t have the information for. COVID-19 Update (365-B) One new case reported at 3pm today and we had 2 cases resolved. 6) The will be an ambulance in the Zamboni area as extra precaution. Thee health unit staff will be will be wearing shirts that will identify themselves and our staff will have event jackets on. Vaccination clinic is up and running as of this morning. From all accounts, the feedback has been very positive. Thank you City staff and Health unit personnel for your great work. COVID-19 Update There are 9 cases to report from the weekend, 3 resolved cases and 14 active cases.