As Athens Burns, IDF Spin Machine’s Baseless Allegations Denounced

Last month, the IDF launched a pilot program in which women will be trained as tank operators for the first time. Despite living in Israel for more than 22 years, I’m still amazed by the informality. “Dad, we need to change our holiday plans – three weeks and I’m in.” New York will have to wait. He’d rather be home with his friends sharing the excitement of the draft. A few days later, I asked D if I could post a picture of his call-up on Facebook. CHW Montreal is hosting a Zoom BBQ with the comedian on Father’s Day, June 21, at noon, Pacific time. Funds raised benefit hospital workers at the Shamir Medical Centre and Hadassah Hospital in Israel. For their annual family visit to Texas to see his paternal grandparents, Chasnoff’s mother would book the family on two separate flights so that, if a plane went down, the entire family wouldn’t be lost. While lone soldiers were not so much in the Israeli consciousness a few decades ago, they are now a welcome oddity.

Delphi Software was requested to assist in maintaining a huge number of orders in the online shop. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence can really bring solutions to this business challenges. Chatbots are text-based programs powered by AI and natural learning processes that interact with users over a variety of platforms. Chatbots for E-Commerce help the customer to promote and sell the products through mobile messengers. Using them, business is great to increase sales, improve targeting, improve customer service, increase productivity, and cut down on operational costs. Beirut –Syria might have pulled its army out of Lebanon, but it has left its secret services. While the Israel Defense Force has, in cooperation with Northrop Grumman and smaller Israeli and U.S. contractors working for the U.S. Space and Missile Defense Command, developed sophisticated anti-missile defense systems, it will be years before these can effectively counter Fajr rockets. Eventually, Israel may feel compelled to exercise its sovereign right to self-defense by preemptively attacking in a manner that not only eliminates the Fajr rockets, but also prevents Tehran from easily reestablishing them. And the fact is that should it take strong action, Israel, the U.S., and all those who fear a nuclear Iran will all be able to breathe a bit easier. For all our sakes, it’s high time to bring Hezbollah back into the international limelight. The meeting was attended by French Ambassador Bernard Emie and the president of the Higher Judicial Council, Magistrate Antoine Kheir. The governmental sources said they were worried “anonymous internal parties” might take advantage of the situation to launch rockets against Israel. The security sources expected the United Nations to renew the mandate of the UN peacekeeping forces in South Lebanon, UNIFIL, in light of the situation. The sources added that UNIFIL will build a military base in Naqoura to accommodate 100 troops. They also said that UNIFIL was urging the Lebanese authorities to take control of these “sensitive Southern areas to prevent any clashes with the Israelis.”

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In December 2020, the Citizen Lab published an investigation into Circles’ government clients. Ayman Nour is the president of the Egyptian political opposition group Union of the Egyptian National Forces. Nour is also a former Egyptian presidential candidate and founder and chairperson of the Ghad al-Thawra party.1 In 2005, Nour ran against former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. After the election, Nour was convicted of “forging signatures on petitions” filed to create his political party—a charge which was widely considered to be “politically inspired”—and imprisoned for more than four years. Nour was finally released from prison in 2009 on health grounds and after international pressure. Vast Data, a NYC-based storage company, breaks decades-old data storage tradeoffs & brings an end to complex storage tiering and HDD usage in the enterprise. The company has the huge enterprise client base worldwide that use the company solutions installed on-premises. 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In one month, this tax-exempt entity receives as much as $60 million, money which goes to funding various Israeli settler projects, including the creation of “sniper schools”. Five counts of conspiracy, war crimes, aggravated trespass, pillage and racketeering are being made, encased in the legal miracle that is organised crime. Central to this is the overall legal justification (or non-justification) for the Israeli settlements themselves, with a specific focus on development in Judea and Samaria. Some of the plaintiffs have also lost relatives to the predations of the IDF, including Hiba Barghouti, whose Palestinian American brother Abdelrahman Barghouti was slain in the West Bank during an incursion. Israeli police drew widespread criticism from around the world when they beat mourners and pallbearers at her funeral in Jerusalem on May 14. An Israeli newspaper last month reported that a police investigation found wrongdoing by some of its officers, but said those who supervised the event will not be seriously punished. Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi, the army chief of staff, ordered the investigation be continued “using all available means,” the military said in a statement. It said any decision on whether to launch a criminal investigation would only be made after the operational investigation is completed. Neuroarchitecture is a field of research that examines how to design spaces and interfaces that affect the mental, physical, and emotional health of the people interacting with them. The more successful a company is, the smaller the connection between what it provides and the emotional experience it evokes. Meanwhile, she began teaching, and they started their family, ultimately having six children. Peretz was born in Casablanca, where her family lived until she was 10 years old. In 1963, they immigrated to Israel, initially living in an immigrant camp in Beersheva. After graduating high school, Peretz went to Ben-Gurion University and became a teacher.

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The solution allows users picking up themselves a carrier for their parcel among several available delivery providers. The Delphi team has participated in creation of one among them – FluidFS – a fully distributed, clustered file storage solution that supports both high-capable and performance-intensive workloads. While virtual reality is about immersing you in an entirely virtual world, viewed through a screen in your headset, the real world outside you isn’t part of the experience. But augmented reality, as the name suggests, is about augmenting or adding to reality. You might be looking at your cat or up your street, but there could be digital characters and content overlaid on them. All headsets need to be used alongside a good quality pair of headphones, and there are other optional accessories from hand controllers to treadmills that are all designed to enhance your simulated experience of being in another world. Hand controllers translate your real-world gestures into whatever game or application you’re using, although standard gaming joypads can also be used. Several competitors have emerged since then, from the HTC Vive and Sony’s PlayStation VR to smartphone-powered headsets such as Samsung’s Gear VR and Google Cardboard. Meanwhile, hundreds of developers are making VR games and apps, film-makers are exploring the potential for documentaries and animation, and Facebook and YouTube have jumped on the bandwagon with 360-degree videos. Innovations in consumer electronics, conceptual technologies and IT are announced with the astonishing speed and frequency, the variety and number of new devices increase exponentially. Nothing can deter the progress, and the time when innovative devices, that stagger the imagination, become a part of our everyday life, is not far off. On December 7, a local community in Vinnytsia had a chance to enjoy not only a great introduction lecture on Python by Serhii Myskov, a Data Scientist from Nestlogic, but a real live coding session as well. We had a lively and vibrant meeting, where everybody had a fabulous opportunity to try a hand in practical assignments and got the answers to all essential questions.

  • Mother Love can be haerd weekdays on the #1 Internet radio station, from 2pm to 4pm , as well as seen on her nationally syndicated talk show “Forgive or Forget” which airs on
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  • Daniel Ben-Tal was a lone soldier serving as a paratrooper before becoming a journalist.
  • “One is not a Christian orally or formally but in the true and honest exercise of Christ’s teachings.”

Virtual reality today is not a beautiful fantasy, but is a part of our life. We talked to Sasha Matviishen and Zhenya Vasilenko, who are engaged in VR/AR/MR development now. This company delivers advanced software solutions for augmented and mixed reality experiences utilizing the Microsoft HoloLens™ and other leading mixed reality devices. Its software platform brings new levels of efficiency with state of the art collaboration and 3D visualization techniques to serve a variety of industry verticals including healthcare, industrial, enterprise and education. Mother Love is a renowned television and radio talk show host, film and TV veteran and noted author committed to changing lives through healthy living. Having grown up with a love of food and an insatiable appetite, her weight shot up to 250 pounds on her 5’6” frame. 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Since founding the organizanization in 2008, Brandy has created an international network of more than 10,000 women with diabetes who provide encouragement, education, and empowerment to each other through a variety of online and in-person programs. She began blogging about diabetes in hopes to inspire and help people with diabetes. At a young age of seven, Kelly learned the power of nutrition when diagnosed with type 1 diabetes . Continuing a new found passion in making the most of her health, she earned a Bachelors of Science in Dietetics from Ohio University and then pursued a Didactic Internship at Loyola University Chicago. In juggling the daily balance of life and diabetes, she realized a grain/carbohydrate heavy diet doesn’t deserve to be part of a blood sugar management recommendation. Through self-assessment and indulging herself in ancestral research, Kelly has modified her nutrition advice to be much more holistic. Kelly believes life is too short to not have the best quality of life every day and what we eat can make all the difference. Dilian has also been followed by reports of legal and other irregularities, both during his time in the Israeli military and in his new career as a mercenary surveillance tech vendor. In 2019, after courting publicity with a demonstration to Forbes of a “$9 million signals intelligence van” with communications hacking capabilities in Cyprus, WiSpear and Tal Dilian attracted police interest. The van was confiscated by Cypriot authorities, several WiSpear/Passitora Ltd. employees were arrested and briefly detained, and Dilian was wanted for questioning. Rapaport Group is an international network of companies providing services for diamond and jewelry markets. Established in 1976, the Group has over 20,000 clients in 118 countries. The team is working on full-cycle development of trading jewelry platform and seamless integration into existing company web infrastructure. At the present time, Ms. Robertson is currently in private practice with a client base in New York, California and Arizona. She is also a diabetes consultant to industry as well as contract diabetes educator for Yavapai Native Americans at Fort Mc Dowell Reservation in Fort McDowell, Az. She remains actively involved in clinical research, consultation and mentoring. Ms. Robertson has been an active member of several diabetes volunteer organizations including Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Research International and the American Diabetes Association. Ms. Robertson lectures frequently to local, national and international audiences of health professionals, patients and the general public. Melissa is the Director of Marketing at the Center for Hope of the Sierras. She attended the University of Nevada, Reno receiving her bachelor’s degree in communications with a minor in marketing. Her experience includes implementing strategic media relations plans and promotions as well as integrated marketing communications experience implementing and executing marketing campaigns. After graduating from UNR, Melissa worked as the public relations and advertising manager for Grand Sierra Resort, where she was responsible for the hotel casino’s public relations and marketing as a liaison for local, regional and national publications. Melissa was also responsible for creating news releases, media kits, brochures and collateral for Grand Sierra Resort. Her work also included planning grand openings and special events, media trips and press conferences.

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In 2013, the company started the partnership with Delphi in order to strengthen its R&D team in the front-end, database, testing, and DevOps areas. Is a professional software development agency specializing in tailored business solutions. Nowadays the company digitalizes very fast covering both web and mobile segments. In particular, the company main site functionality – diamonds trading – should be supported via native mobile iOS and Android applications. Is an international network of companies providing first class, added value services that support the development of free, fair, efficient and competitive diamond and jewelry markets since 1970. The company provides a unique technology-based, end-to-end solution for online merchants to handle all their cross-border sales. Is a leading provider of comprehensive cross-border solutions that enables retailers to sell globally to customers in more than 200 destinations worldwide offering a localized, seamless international customer experience. The corresponding family of various software solutions brings driver‘s user experience to an unprecedented level and is widely accepted/customized by the world’s leading automakers. Thanks to development of different neurocomputer interfaces and Internet services human communications have already gone far from that described in science fiction. Every day we read new articles on attempts to use virtual reality in teaching, phobia therapy, corporate segment, medicine and industry. The current age of virtual reality began in 2010, when American teenager Palmer Luckey created the first prototype of a VR headset that would evolve into the Oculus Rift. Two years later, he launched a $250,000 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to commercialize it – and $2.4m of pledges later, the tech industry’s interest in VR was reborn. Two years after that, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, liked the Rift so much he bought the company for $2bn. International Podiatry Day is the global awareness Campaign which aims to spread the word about the importance of foot health. Four Palestinians were killed late Thursday by a missile fired from an Israel Air Force aircraft in the northern Gaza strip town of Beit Lahia, a Palestinian security source said. • Chaos in Gaza will likely weaken Israeli popular support for any more unilateral Israeli withdrawals from occupied territory, forcing Mr. Olmert to enlist international and Palestinian cooperation in fulfilling his top priority of settling Israel’s borders. Franjieh earlier this week criticized Edde for not sponsoring reconciliation talks between the Zghorta leader and Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and failing to unite the Maronite community. “Edde might be forced to make certain compromises to please some parties because he is still aspiring to become president, even when he is 90 years old,” Franjieh said Wednesday. By contrast, when the Paris II conference was held in November 2002, all the necessary steps were done two months prior to the specified date. Preconditions imposed on Lebanon by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are substantial hurdles to clear before the conference can be convened. According to senior political sources, officials from these two institutions have two prerequisites for Beirut I. First, internal consensus must be reached on the reform paper to avoid later disputes. Second, Lebanese officials must make sure to obtain Arab support for the conference. According to the sources, neither of the two conditions have been met, which is why official declarations about the conference have not yet been made.

  • Levin’s death at 22 came just days after he returned hastily from his leave back home in the United States when he learned of the start of the Second Lebanon War.
  • The first topic was the Pact of Honor, in which leaders of Lebanon’s various sectarian groups vowed to adhere to a more civil public discourse following the airing of a television program on June 2 that satirized Nasrallah.
  • Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1993, her involvement with DiabetesSisters began in 2011, serving as a committee member for the Weekend for Women Conference.
  • Abu Akleh, who was 51, was an on-air correspondent for Al Jazeera’s Arabic-language service who rose to fame two decades ago during the second Palestinian intifada, or uprising, against Israeli rule.

Remember, if you need extra help or have any questions, you can alwaysspeak to a member of our teamor use ourtalk to an expert form. We’re already taking orders from now and into the new year, so even if your show wasn’t listed above we’re more than ready to help you. As an early Christmas present – you can now start getting your orders in for 2018. We have thrown together a list of events to help you feel super-prepared when you return from the holiday season. Check out the list below to see which shows we’ll be delivering and partnering. If you see a show that you’re exhibiting at in this list; get in touch and let us know how we can help you arrange any of your last minute preparations. I have stayed in them and, IMO, are not that much better than Superior. As a matter of fact, one time, in a Deluxe room, our view to the left was the parking lot. Just my opinion that Superior, even number, is a better deal and I’m not much for skimping on price. If you’re 110 years old, like me, that extra flight of stairs is not worth the difference. If this is the case, you can request to view the materials in person. The gala, co-chaired by Tri-State Young Leadership Board members Noushka Green, Lauren Bronstein, and Amanda Paul, featured gourmet food, an open bar, casino-style games and luxury prizes, including high-end jewelry, artwork, spa getaways, and premium sports tickets. Over 1,300 young professionals from the New York area gathered at the Metropolitan Pavilion for the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Young Leadership New York (YL-NY) Division Gala. The event raised $500,000 to support well-being and educational programs for Israel Defense Forces soldiers.

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But so interactive learning and experience sharing as it was that Saturday we haven’t handled before. We have established a new bicycle parking with video surveillance for the convenience of our employees. Our teams were so dedicated to working, that we managed to catch them for a photo report only during the lunch break. We, at Delphi Software, build long term relationships with our partners who are global leaders in their respective areas such as speech and language technologies, interaction recording and analytics, Big Data, AR/VR solutions, Iot/Embedded, FinTech and others. At Delphi, our relentless focus is on our client success and we pride ourselves on the ability to seamlessly extend our partner’s teams and to create and support truly innovative products that drive our clients’ revenue growth and improve bottom line. Podiatrists from all over the world give their support to International Podiatry Day. With the World Foot Health Awareness Month, the FIP-IFP wants to increase the awareness of the importance of foot health among the general public and other health professionals. It said Gasprom Bank is owned by the Russian oil company after which it was named. Gasprom, the largest oil producer in the world, accounts alone for 25 percent of the world’s natural gas. It is partially owned by the Russian government which holds 51 percent of the company’s shares.As Safir newspaper said the Central Bank’s final approval awaits the processing of the necessary paperwork. The newspaper’s sources estimated the bank’s minimum capital at around LL15 million or around $10 million. The last Russian bank that operated in Lebanon was the Moscow Narodni Bank which closed down during the war. It is partially owned by the Russian government which holds 51 percent of the company’s shares. As Safir newspaper said the Central Bank’s final approval awaits the processing of the necessary paperwork. “Setting up this bank in Lebanon constitutes a significant and important step because it would be the first Russian bank operating in the Middle East,” Al Markaziya’s sources said. European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, will be in Beirut on 7 July where she will meet with Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Faouzi Salloukh, and other members of the Lebanese government. During her visit, the second since she took office, she will discuss the European Commission’s commitment to support Lebanon’s own reform programme and the implementation of the, recently agreed between the parties, European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plan. She will also sign an aviation agreement with Lebanon that will establish for the first time a direct air transport relationship between Lebanon and the EU.

We’ve been creating top-notch analytical solutions for the largest corporations in the healthcare, banking, and insurance industries, in an elegant but a bit hardcore style. Last week we had a great 2 days of close collaboration and innovation at the NICE Sparkathon. The constant challenges of accelerated time-to-market, improved product quality, maximized returns on R&D budgets and expansion into new markets continue to grow. Delphi Software expertise will support greater business agility, reducing costs and retaining the competitive advantage. World Diabetes Day is the primary global awareness campaign focusing on diabetes mellitus and is held on November 14 each year. Led by the International Diabetes Federation , each World Diabetes Day focuses on a theme related to diabetes, a largely preventable and treatable non-communicable disease that is rapidly increasing in numbers worldwide. Rev. Latchen recounted the speech of the Maronite Archbishop of New York and Canada, Francis Mansour who described the opportunity of meeting H.H. Mar Dinkha as one of those rare but valuable life events and he encouraged the audience to meet H.H. Mar Dinkha for the great history of the ACOE and all the atrocity this church has endured. The ACOE is known by historians and scholars, also proclaimed by the Pope John Paul II “The martyrs’ church”. Because, no church has suffered as much martyrdom for Christianity as the ACOE has. Mar Dinkha IV and called him, “the builder of bridges between the Assyrians of different denominations”. Eight people were treated for shock Wednesday evening after the Qassam strikes on Ashkelon. One of the rockets slammed into a southern neighborhood and the second landed in the Zikim area. Magen David Adom paramedics treated the eight, including two seven-year-old children. At a later stage, the IDF intends to reduce the forces, but to launch raids into the Gaza Strip, including built-up areas, as required, accompanied by massive air force activity over the areas from which the Qassam rockets were fired. The new contingent of troops is preparing for a relatively extended stay, unlike in other areas of the Gaza Strip where the IDF has been operating this past week. “We won’t sink in the Gaza swamp, but will enter any necessary area to carry out our missions,” Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Wednesday. The operation, consisting of Golani infantry, armored, and engineering forces, is under the command of Golani Brigade commander Colonel Tamir Yadai. Before daybreak, IDF troops and some 15 tanks entered the areas where the three settlements had stood. As ground forces edged forward, artillery and Israel Air Force aircraft struck targets in the area, aiming at bases and groups of militants. Two IDF soldiers were lightly wounded near Beit Lahia early Thursday afternoon, one by Palestinian gunfire and the other when a weapon misfired. Beit Lahia is situated close to the former settlements of Dugit, Nissanit and Elei Sinai, where troops were to establish a buffer zone to prevent fire on southern Israel. Siyam, who has nominal control of the Fatah-dominated Palestinian security forces, appealed to all security forces to fulfill their “religious and moral duty to stand up to this aggression and cowardly Zionist invasion.” Like Hezbollah in its war against the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon, the Palestinian militants who planned the attack apparently know where Israel is most vulnerable emotionally. Israelis have endured suicide attacks on civilians with courage and resilience, but they are torn apart by having a 19-year-old soldier held hostage. His plight is a reminder of the anxiety shared by many Israeli parents of teenage conscripts. Right now, Washington is not in a position to make Iran or Syria do much of anything. The regime in Tehran has deftly managed to stall U.S. and European efforts to halt its nuclear program. Iran also retains its capacity to foment trouble for the United States in Iraq. Syria, meanwhile, has regained some of its regional footing after a humiliating retreat from Lebanon last year and the suspected role by Damascus in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Six more Palestinians, five militants and a civilian, were killed in Gaza earlier Thursday, following the start of an Israel Defense Forces incursion in northern Gaza. The civilian, identified as 20-year-old Mohammed Atat, was killed by gunfire from an IDF tank. Palestinian Interior Minister Saeed Siyam, of the ruling Hamas party, issued the Palestinian government’s first call to arms since Israel entered the Gaza Strip last week to press for the release of abducted IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. Twenty-one Palestinians were killed and more than 50 wounded Thursday as the IDF moved inside northern Gaza. First Lieutenent Yehuda Bessal was seriously wounded when shot in the head by a Palestinian sniper who infiltrated the house in the Beit Lahia neighborhood of al-Atara where his Golani Brigade unit had taken position. An Israel Defense Forces soldier was killed Thursday afternoon during an Israel Defense Forces operation in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahia. Such an argument overlooks the essentially homegrown nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and implies that if Iran and Syria weren’t pulling the strings from afar, Palestinian terrorists would go out of business. Palestinian fighters are not a high-priced army reliant on outside sponsorship. Mostly, they use AK-47s, locally manufactured explosive vests and crude rockets. Waiting for a change in behavior in Iran and Syria could doom Israel and the Palestinians to a new and dangerous escalation, with ripple effects likely to be felt throughout an unstable region. In a telling sign of how Washington’s leverage in the region has declined, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni was in Moscow this week pressing Russian President Vladimir V. Putin for help in freeing Corporal Shalit. The moment Hezbollah took control over the south of the country and armed itself with thousands of Katyushas and other rockets, a stable balance of deterrence was created on both sides of the border. The withdrawal of the Israel Defense Forces from Lebanon in 2000 was made possible not only because of the daring of then prime minister Ehud Barak, but also thanks to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, who conducts a policy of “one law and one weapon” on the other side. In addition to the obvious ideological affinities , recent international pressure on Tehran has increased Hezbollah’s value to the mullahs as a bargaining chip. Daoud Sayegh, an adviser to MP Saad Hariri who handles communications between the Hariri family and the Maronite Patriarchate in Bkirki, also responded to allegations made earlier this week. Franjieh said Wednesday that “we do not know to which extent Daoud Sayegh took part in drafting the recommendations” recently issued by the Council of Maronite Bishops. “One is not a Christian orally or formally but in the true and honest exercise of Christ’s teachings.” Since a diplomatic appointment requires a decree signed by the president, premier and foreign minister, political turmoil over the issue seems guaranteed. Sudan “is trying to bridge the differences between Lebanon and Syria and to set the course of their bilateral relations on the right path,” said Sudan’s Foreign Minister Lam Akol Ajaween on Thursday. “We consider this announcement part of a campaign to discredit the FPM and its leader, Aoun,” it added. Although Hizballah has admitted to possessing more than 13,000 short-range katyusha rockets, it remains tightlipped about the presence of longer range missiles.

  • “Our presence there doesn’t mean that we intend to remain in the Gaza Strip. We simply want to prevent firing at our towns,” Infrastructure Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer told Army Radio on Thursday.
  • As Safir newspaper said the Central Bank’s final approval awaits the processing of the necessary paperwork.
  • On the eve of her official visit, Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner will receive a Doctor Honoris Causae by the Lebanese American University.
  • She documented the harsh realities of life under Israeli military rule — now well into its sixth decade with no end in sight — for viewers across the Arab world.

Abu Akleh, a veteran Palestinian-American correspondent who was well known and respected throughout the Arab world, was shot and killed while covering an Israeli military raid on May 11 in the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank. Palestinian eyewitnesses, including her crew, say Israeli troops killed her and that there were no militants in the immediate vicinity or any exchange of fire at the time she was shot. The Netanyahu government is also seen as threatening the broadcast news sector, having undertaken an effort to replace the state-run broadcaster with a more complimentary version, only to reverse course when it appeared the new agency would also be insufficiently uncritical. Like other politicians in democratic countries, Netanyahu has found some popularity among his supporters by picking fights with the media, including individual reporters who report things unfavorable to the prime minister. Over the High Holidays, the LSC is launching a global crowdfunding campaign to help lone soldiers get through the toughest time of their lives. Born in Venezuela and trained as an engineer, Manny is a nonprofit leader and social media author who passionately advocates for all people living with diabetes. He currently serves as a member of the National Advocacy Committee at ADA, and as an advisor for IDF’s Life for a Child Program and other groups. His contributions to the diabetes community have been recognized with a Community Spirit Award from the American Diabetes Association and a DSMA Salutes Award from DCAF. Dr. Castorino joined Sansum Diabetes Research Institute in 2009 and has been an instrumental part of many programs including the Diabetes and Pregnancy Program and the Artificial Pancreas program at Sansum Diabetes Research Institute since 2009. Dr. Castorino partners with Dr. Jovanovic in serving as the only United States investigators for JDRF’s CONCEPTt study, evaluating continuous glucose monitors in T1D women both in preparation for and during pregnancy. Dr. Castorino also serves as the attending physician at the Santa Barbara County Public Health department teaching medical residents how to care for women with diabetes and pregnancy. One of Kristin’s special achievements is the Seeds of Change Program a postpartum intervention education program designed for women and taught by Promotoras to improve the health of women in-between pregnancies. We located a profile with the same name publicly released by , a software engineering student. We are redacting the name of the student here because we do not believe they are involved in Cytrox Predator development. The profile’s sole function is to prevent iOS from displaying notifications when an automation is run. Thus, users who have been hacked with Predator do not see notifications when the spyware is launched. The following section is not a complete accounting of the relationship between Cytrox and other entities. It is based on a review of a mix of media reports and a nonexhaustive review of company registries across various jurisdictions. Additional research into Intellexa and the companies that form this marketing alliance could potentially provide useful insight into how commercial surveillance companies employ complex business structures and use measures that obfuscate their operations. Global-e is Europe’s leading provider of comprehensive cross-border solutions that enables retailers to sell globally to customers in more than 200 destinations worldwide offering a localized, seamless international customer experience. The solution supports 60+ currencies, 45+ different payment methods, localized multi-lingual checkout, multiple shipping options and local duty and tax calculation. NICE supports various options for its solutions’ distributed deployment, configuration and applications set. In order to cover successfully all this variety during development, testing and staging processes, NICE uses virtualization that hosts dozens of thousands of various NICE environments. Is a leading provider of integration solutions for pari-mutuel betting and horse racing products, which deliver new and exciting ways for players to bet, new products to engage with and a user experience to rival any online system from sports, betting and gaming sector. Thanks to diverse team of expert developers, they can offer a wide portfolio of solutions ranging from specialist business software to custom mobile sites and multi-platform smartphone applications. They are a cutting-edge Customer Relationship Management and Direct Marketing solutions provider. Sparkathon is NICE Ltd’s global hackathon event, where teams join forces to develop innovative ideas that will improve the company’s processes and products in the future. A large contingent of IDF infantry and armor units moved into the ruins of three former settlements in northern Gaza in the early hours of the morning, after Qassam rockets fired from the area hit the southern coastal city of Ashkelon for the second time in two days. The CNN article added that Bruguiere was himself “a target for terrorists.” “A hand-grenade and trip wire was set up at his apartment in 1997 to explode when he entered the front door, but a policeman discovered it 10 minutes ahead of Bruguiere’s arrival,” it said.

In so many ways, Israel’s body politic is sui generis, utterly unlike any other democracy on earth. Yet it should not surprise that what emerges among its closest allies should also find a place among Israelis. Then there is Eyal Karim, who was recently sworn in as chief rabbi of the IDF. During his confirmation hearings, Karim was forced to explain earlier comments that seemed to justify the rape of non-Jewish women during wartime. He apologized, saying that his comments were a theoretical consideration of biblical permissions and prohibitions. Karim has also stated that women should not serve in the IDF, or sing at army events. Citizens gathered around the statue, arguing about its meaning and various interpretations. Because the installation was erected without a permit, city officials ordered it removed but, before the artist could do so, it was toppled by a bystander and left laying on its side like the figure of a deposed despot. Yet “equal opportunity” does not exist in the purest sense, the soldiers said. Klifi-Amir told the crowd she does not believe all military positions should be open for women, depending on the mission. The physical training required for some military roles may be too grueling for a woman’s body, and the IDF is responsible for the life of each soldier, she said. Israel is the world’s only country where military service is obligatory for women. From ages 18-26, women must serve two years in the military – with some exceptions, such as if they are pregnant. Today, 95% of the IDF’s positions are available to women, according to Klifi-Amir. Israel’s female soldiers seem to break barriers on a consistent basis. In January, new figures revealed that the number of women serving in combat roles in the Israel Defence Forces’ Homefront Command is up 38% this year.

The French judge, accompanied by a team of anti-terrorism experts in the French military police, also met Thursday with Lebanese Justice Minister Charles Rizk. Promised reforms of Lebanon’s state institutions and the economy will undoubtedly face countless obstacles, most of which are directly related to political affiliations. On of the most awaited events is the convening of a the Beirut I international donor conference. However, a number of difficulties seem to be standing in the way of this event, despite reported assertions by Premier Fouad Siniora during the last Cabinet session that the conference would be held in September. The fact that the premier gave no further details left some ministers with a strong impression that nothing has been finalized. “The Israeli Army has been on a high state of alert for two weeks and has resumed its violation of Lebanon’s airspace,” the sources told The Daily Star on Thursday, speaking on condition of anonymity. The sources added that the joint security forces are closely monitoring the situation and frequently patrolling the area in accordance with the directions of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and the Interior Ministry. “We gave our directions to the security forces to take extra precautions and patrol the region as much a possible to prevent any violation from eitherside,” sources close to Siniora told The Daily Star. Hizballah has been deployed along the blue line, the internationally accepted border between Lebanon and Israel, since May 2000 when the Israeli army left southern Lebanon. Hizballah’s fulltime strength is 500–600 well trained, combat experienced fighters, but in an emergency the organization can also call upon thousands of other fighters with elementary training. Training continues in the eastern Bekaa valley, although at a much reduced rate compared to the 1990s. At present, Hizballah uses Shebaa Farms to justify its military operations and continued weapons possession, a rationale based on the claim that the Shebaa Farms are Lebanese territory occupied by Israel, even as the United Nations considers this territory to be Syrian. Peace talks broke down more than a decade ago, and with Israel now in a new election campaign, they are unlikely to resume anytime soon. Lapid, the caretaker prime minister, supports a two-state solution with the Palestinians, but right-wing parties that oppose Palestinian statehood dominate the Israeli political system. AMR International has continued its partnership with Visit and Poken following the success of the smart event platform at Transform USA earlier this year. The platform which combines Visit’s event registration, intelligence and measurement with Poken’s Near Field Communication and touchpoint technology drives the visitor engagement and behaviour-based insights, in real time. DiabetesSisters is a community of women who enjoy sharing their experiences as people with diabetes. George Simmons is a husband and father of two who has been living with type 1 diabetes for over 23 years. George began blogging a way to meet other people with diabetes and to share his story in hopes that it would help others to not feel alone. His personal blog called “Ninjabetic“ serves as a place for George to express his frustrations, triumphs, and failures. Besides blogging, George also co-hosts a weekly Blog Talk Radio show called DSMA Live, speaks publicly on the health benefits of Social Media, and is a songwriter/musician. Chris Barnes is vice president and business banker with PNC Bank and has been in banking for more than 15 years, working in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Chris is actively involved in various organizations and currently sits on the boards of Durham YMCA and Carol Woods Retirement Community. He is also currently Chair of the Board at Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce.

The potential of cryptocurrency and gambling in Israel – The Jerusalem Post

The potential of cryptocurrency and gambling in Israel.

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The prime minister told his ministers during the discussion, “As far as we know, our two soldiers– Udi Goldwasser and Eldad Regev – are no longer alive. As far as we know, they were killed during the abduction or died of their wounds shortly afterwards.” Goldwasser expressed her satisfaction with Prime Minister’s Ehud Olmert’s plan to support the move, but was amazed to hear from Ynet reporters that Olmert said he was certain Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev were dead. Adjusted and Homogenized Canadian Climate Data consists of weather station datasets and has been developed by Environment and Climate Change Canada for use in climate research, including climate change studies. The station records in AHCCD have been adjusted using statistical techniques to detect and remove discrepancies in long-term data records caused by non-climatic factors (e.g., changes in instrumentation, observing procedures, and weather station location or site exposure). Longer time series were sometimes created by combining data from nearby stations. Click on one of the clusters below to download AHCCD available for that region. There have also been allegations, including from an article from a Danishmember of the media reporting with the Canadian Boat team, that some participants are perhaps less committed than others to non-violence and peaceful activism. That the Danish reporter suggests that these elements also happen to be the Muslim participants aboard the boat smacks of sensationalist racism, and as far as this reporter’s observations are concerned, is completely unfounded. A lifelong poker player who moved online in 2004, Josh founded Beat The Fish in 2005 to help online poker players make more-informed decisions on where to play and how to win once they got there. He hopes to counter the rampant dishonesty in online gaming media with objective reviews and relevant features. Also commendable, Eli Elezra maintains a healthy family life with five children at home. Besides winning millions playing poker, he also owns a group of shows called Seven on the Las Vegas Strip. Interesting tidbit from Elezra’s army days is that, upon arrival, the officials wanted to distribute him in the air force. Always hardheaded, Elezra refused, and for this he was sentenced to three weeks in prison. As is standard for of-age Israeli men, he served in the national forces as a commando until a leg injury cut his military career short. A recurring theme , Elezra developed his poker game after becoming bedridden from the injury. Boro Park Shomrim nabs suspect for breaking into a house on 56th Street in Boro Park. Armed suspects shoots at Police in the Bronx while police try to initiate an arrest. When she was diagnosed, she was a newlywed and her husband was stationed in Iraq. She turned to the internet in search for answers and understanding but there wasn’t enough information for people that are living with LADA. A few years after her diagnoses Cherise became insulin dependent and that’s when she found; she realized that wasn’t alone. She found her voice and the voices of others living with all types of diabetes. Her focus is the care and treatment of people with type 1, type 2,; and the care of the pregnant person with diabetes. She also has expertise in the management of persons with advanced kidney disease and as well as persons with both kidney and combined kidney and pancreas transplantation.. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1993, her involvement with DiabetesSisters began in 2011, serving as a committee member for the Weekend for Women Conference. Dr. Castorino is dedicated to improving the lives of women with diabetes, especially during the childbearing years. As investigative journalists and public interest researchers continue to put a spotlight on mercenary spyware companies, we expect they will continue their efforts to evade scrutiny and accountability. Today, Thursday, December 16th, Meta is taking an enforcement action against Cytrox, which includes removing approximately 300 Facebook and Instagram accounts linked to Cytrox. Their investigation also reveals an extensive list of lookalike domains used as part of social engineering and malware attacks, which are included in Appendix A of their report. We are looking for Senior Front End React.js Developer who will join to our international team. Take ownership of day-to-day support, incident responsibility – After implementation of the above steps, Delphi provided the client with a small team responsible for updating, maintaining, and owning their new DevOps system. The data gathered for analytics is very sensitive and must be stored with 100% reliability. However, despite of the solutions quality and the corresponding alarm-&-monitoring systems installed, there is a chance that some data could be lost due to hardware or client’s personnel issues. Supports software organizations with the innovative tools they need to successfully develop and deploy applications in the embedded, enterprise, and IoT markets in order to deliver defect-free software products. System Testing process targets not only to validate how NICE solution work as a whole, but also how it integrates and operates with customer’s OS, SQL, IE, 3rd party software, security limitations, and, on top of that, how NICE solution works in the disaster recovery configuration. The solution has lots of customer specific demands based on customer’s environment, security policies and high availability needs. Is one of the world’s most popular online gaming entertainment and solutions providers. The team quickly joined the project and became valuable contributors to the company.

Although no clear evidence has emerged to back Israeli claims that Hizballah has long-range rockets, these missiles almost certainly exist. Most of them will be dispersed throughout south Lebanon in small batches close to their firing positions, rather than in large ammunition dumps, enabling quick launches in the event of hostilities with Israel. All this, despite the conventional idea that charity should involve the amelioration of poverty, the advancement of scientific, religious and education projects, while “eliminating prejudice and discrimination” and “defending human and civil rights secured by law”. The law, however, is truly an ass of some proportion, and any resolution of these suits will have to wait for years. At most, they will be legal nuisances rather than genuine acts of harassment and redress. The casino billionaire tends to reek of his money and political projects. He can count himself a firm figure behind the fortunes of Benjamin Netanyahu and the US Republican Party. Last month, Bassem al-Tamimi and 35 other Palestinians and Palestinian Americans sought legal services to take a range of charities, firms and tycoons in the US to court in what will be a $34.5bn law suit. Their argument is personal, charging such figures as Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and philanthropist Irving Moskowitz for complicity in financing a particularly murderous, and dispossessing war machine.

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And Intellexa Limited note Sara-Aleksandra Fayssal Hamou as a key principal in both companies. With over 50,000 connected sites and millions of corporate users, CTERA powers the file services transformations of leading global banks, insurance companies, telecommunications firms, and federal and defense organizations. CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform unifies endpoint, branch office and cloud file services to enable next-generation file storage, collaboration, data protection, and disaster recovery. Join CTERA, leader in secure enterprise file services platform that centrally manages the file storage, control and governance needs of the modern enterprise since 2008. Join Global-e, Europe’s leading provider of comprehensive cross-border solutions that enables retailers to sell globally. Introduce a centralized logs collector/processor – This centralized database provides near-real-time error analysis, allowing DevOps processes to be much more efficient and proactive. Acquire knowledge – Delphi began by examining the client’s systems, and using relevant reference data to gain a deep understanding of the architecture, implementation, and day-to-day use of mission-critical systems. In addition, when the product must be upgraded to a new version or migrated to another hardware, the process must be executed on a “live” system without stopping process of data storing and analysis. Minimize development cost – NICE systems required Delphi to minimize overall development cost and meet all required deadlines without compromising overall project code quality. Designs and delivers technologies that intuitively link man and computer in order to use natural language for both dictation and commands. Delphi specialists have contrived and accomplished more than 200 various games – strategy casual, multiplayer online, casinos, console, social etc. – from the scenario writing to post-production support.

Syrian appointed Lebanese president Emile Lahoud attended the summit and pressed for an article in the concluding communiqué supporting “the resistance.” Lebanese prime minister Fouad Siniora attended the summit as well and tried to block the article. Though Siniora failed to prevent the summit from adopting Lahoud’s article, the move focused attention on disarmament. Jenin has long been a bastion of Palestinian militants, and several recent deadly attacks inside Israel have been carried out by young men from in and around the town. Israel frequently carries out military raids in Jenin, which it says are aimed at arresting militants and preventing more attacks. U.S. security officials examined the results of separate Palestinian and Israeli investigations and “concluded that gunfire from IDF positions was likely responsible for the death of Shireen Abu Akleh,” Price said in a statement, referring to the Israeli military by its acronym. Chasnoff shared comedic experiences, including the challenge of proving he was indeed a lone soldier without Israeli parents, when government officials insisted that Levin’s father had never left Israel after his first visit in 1976. The stakes were basic – a lone soldier’s salary at the time was $160 a month instead of $80, plus a few privileges. But it required a sheath of documents from the States to prove that his father was indeed an Illinoisan, not an Israeli. Held on 6th December at Savoy Place, London – Transform Europe is designed to help exhibition organisers tackle data and digital transformation. The one day event attracts C-level executives in strategy, data and digital development from Europe’s leading exhibition organisers, venues and vendors. Scholarships for combat veterans from low socioeconomic backgrounds; and other vital well-being initiatives. Wild suspect arrested with the help of Boro Park Shomrim for vandalizing vehicle and assault. Diana Naranjo, PhD, is a psychologist at the Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. She provides behavioral interventions for patients with type 1 diabetes to improve diabetes outcomes, reduce stress and depression and manage chronic disease from a family-centered perspective. She also runs monthly psychosocial groups for young adults with diabetes. Dr. Naranjo speaks English and Spanish and serves as a bicultural provider to Latinos. She is particularly interested in reducing health disparities and improving services for ethnic minority patients and their families. After struggling with diabulimia off and on for six years, Erin founded the Diabulimia Helpline in 2009, a non-profit organization dedicated to support, awareness and advocacy for those struggling with diabetes and eating disorders. Erin is pursuing her Masters degree in Non-Profit Management at Seattle University. She has gained extensive knowledge about the emotional and behavioral aspects of diabetes and how they connect to food and body issues. Erin can be found in numerous publications, such as Diabetes Forecast, Diabetes Health, and Diabetes care. She has also appeared on Huffington Post Live, NBC News, and Discovery Health Channel. She launched the Healthcare Professionals Education series on diabulimia in January 2013 and is consulting with Duke University on a research project investigating behavioral triggers around food and insulin in type 1 diabetics. Erin is a member of Diabetes Advocates, the American Diabetes Association Women’s Workgroup and a National Eating Disorder Association partner. Melissa participated in many nonprofit projects with the Grand Sierra Resort, which included organizing the Over The Edge fundraising event for Special Olympics of Nevada, which raised more than $60,000. In her free time, Melissa stays involved with the community as a Culinary Arts Committee Member for the Nevada Museum of Art. Melissa is also a member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Young Professionals Committee, which assists with various events, volunteering and recruiting Bigs and Littles. She also stays involved with the University of Nevada, Reno as a member of the Pi Beta Phi Alumni Club and UNR Alumni Club. In reviewing entries for WiSpear/Passitora Ltd. in Cyprus’ business registry, we noted that “Mivtah Shamir Technologies Ltd.” is listed as a director of Passitora Ltd., along with Dilian. We also found an entry in the Israeli business registry for a “Mivtach Shamir Technologies Ltd.,” which was apparently incorporated in 2000. Dilian is also known as the founder of Circles, a prominent cellular network surveillance company.