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So I can assure everyone that your social lives are in no danger in this city. In the heart of what many people call the “Silicon Valley of Canada” sits a relatively young academic institution. The University of Waterloo, celebrating its 60th birthday this year, is a Canadian beacon of innovation and entrepreneurship. Many identify it as a university of hard-working students bent on changing the world; they would be correct. In between all the start-up planning and studying is a vibrant student life, with people at the school looking for personal growth, as well. If you’ve never experienced my musical bingo games I’m always going on about, now’s your chance. I’ve done them here in TO, in LA, Miami, Chicago and NYC and parental advisory is in full effect. These online bingo’s have been the highlight of my month and make so many of us happy for a couple hours in this messed up world. Are you tired of the same old responses you get when you try to talk with your teen about sex? Are you still searching for the right way to start those all-important discussions? And Charles D. Miron, Ph.D. is a relaxed and non-threatening way to promote and reinforce the learning of sexuality concepts and vocabulary. Simple yet fun to play, SEX ED BINGOTM can help players to become more comfortable with the language needed to communicate about sexuality issues. SEX ED BINGOTM and its glossary will help teach you along with your teen. We also have an almost completely enclosed campus, allowing us to walk between classes in different buildings without going outside. There are services to help students start businesses (Velocity, Enterprise Co-op, specific residences, and more). Even if you aren’t in STEM, uWaterloo has been focusing more and more on showing how the arts can lead to entrepreneurship. Join the Consent Peer Education Program for a game of Sexy Bingo & Trivia! Topics will include consent, sex, sexual violence, rape culture, resources and supports; prizes will be given out throughout the event. Cheer on your favourite roller derby athletes as our own Team Black takes on Team Blue in our first ever roller derby bout at Rollerland! Cringingly bad documentaries on sex now seem to be a standard of mid-week TV schedules on Channel 4. After last week’s Porn on the Brain, my expectations of C4’s next offering in the genre to be broadcast on Monday, Sex Box, are not high. Sex Toy Bingo returns THIS THURSDAY for our spookiest event yet! Bring your friends down the rabbit hole for the ~sexiest~ game of bingo you’ve ever played on October 31st to Wyckham House. Make sure to dress up and you’ll be able to enter to win a door prize. Here at CSSSVS we highly value transparency in our procedures and in what services we can and cannot promise to provide. Accordingly, we have created two new policies in order to fully articulate what students can expect from us as a Centre. We will be having two feedback sessions during which students and community members will have the chance to have their voice heard. We acknowledge that reading through and providing feedback on a policy can be very time consuming, so we will be doing a draw to give away a $25 gift card of your choice to one of the students that attends each feedback session. If you cannot attend a feedback session, you are welcome to submit physical feedback which will also be taken into consideration. Feedback sessions will take place on September 28th from 6-7pm and September 30th from 4-5pm over Zoom.Register here. NSCAD offers an interdisciplinary university experience unlike any other art school in the country. If you want to join a supportive community of adventurous thinkers and makers, it’s time to begin the application process. No advance registration is required to attend in person, but if you would rather play from home, you can register using the “Play from home” link instead and you will receive Zoom login info and bingo cards. Meagan Lee Filteau, who co-founded Eudaimonia Sexuality Seminars and is a sexuality and relationship coach, says that culture, family and friends influence people’s perspectives based on the messages they have been taught. “But we’re also encouraging people to go on social media and use the hashtag LFLBingo to share their stories, share their successes, and of course we’ll have some other prizes later in the summer,” he said. Residence Life encourages students to share their ideas and participate in helping to make their residence experience the best it can be!

  • If you are attending in person, you must have a valid Fanshawe student card or be 19+.
  • Read below the card for information from the Bad Sex Media Bingo site .
  • Even if you aren’t in STEM, uWaterloo has been focusing more and more on showing how the arts can lead to entrepreneurship.
  • She adds various volunteers from the different charities will assist in the programming and cards will be available for purchase next week.
  • The event is curated towards the promotion of consent, safe sex practices and healthy relationships.
  • (Open to guests 18+) Once you find a match and the conversation is flowing, try your hand at Sweet Escape Mini Golf or head to our Games Midway for lots of games, prizes, and excitement.

Acadia Pride in the past has held events such as Sex Toy Bingo, Sex/LGBT2IQ Trivia and Drag Shows! Acadia Pride looks forward to continuing similar programming and exploring other activities as requested by students. Acadia Pride is committed to moving forward to help create a campus and community environment of inclusion, support and equality. A Fun & Interactive event consisting Bingo and other mini games for students to participate and interact in. The monthly Bingo events will be themed based on the monthly selected theme where certain events/ recognition dates will be recognized through the Bingo event. Also external hosts/ facilitators/ speakers will be invited to support the event hosting and those speaker will be selected from the relevant community for that month. (e.g.- virtual sex toy bingo, Pride Bingo, etc.) Separate survey will be developed for this occurring monthly event. Healthy sexuality is an important part of your overall wellness. While not all university students choose to have sex, if you do, it’s important that you’re being safe and smart. There are resources available to you as a Dalhousie student that can help you take care of your sexual health. Mount Royal students fill Wyckham House to play bingo games for the chance to possibly take home new sex toys. Join us for an evening of fun and knowledge building with Sex Ed Bingo! We’ll be laying down facts about how to choose a sex toy, safer sex facts and tips you’ve probably never heard before, and some strategies to keep both you and your partner safe and happy. We’ve also got cool guest speakers in between rounds who will give you sex ed information specifically useful to Ryerson students. And, of course, sex themed prizes, like gift cards to places you can buy sex toys so you can use what you learned to pick out whatever will give YOU the most pleasure. This event is FREE to all Ryerson students and spots are limited, so sign up here. When I first came to Waterloo for computer science, I was worried that the program would be boring, studious, and uptight—that I’d be getting a world-class education at the expense of my social life. Fortunately, on arrival I was immediately greeted by a community of students and teachers who were interested in making the most of our undergraduate years. We’re just a short walk down the street from Wilfrid Laurier University, and have an energetic student body.

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You will learn a meditative movement exercise and a seated mindfulness practice for relaxing your mind, connecting with your body, and tapping into vivid sensory experience. Join us today from 5pm to 7pm EST for DINNER TIME SEX TOY BINGO Play Bingo to win prizes! You must be 18+ to win toy vouchers from (but don’’t worry… other prizes are availabile for players under age 18) You must show proof of age of marjority and your Confederation College Student ID. The best National Hockey League goaltender of all time, and the franchise player of the Vancouver Canucks. We also hope you’ll use Bad Sex Media Bingo to inform media production, to teach and train on these issues, to support activist work in this area, and for any other purposes for which it is useful. The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University represents and serves Mount Royal University students to help them succeed. Advocate and stand in solidarity with the First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities and support their rights to autonomy. Create more spaces in which Queer Indigenous and Two Spirit members of our community can safely connect. Use our platform to increase the representation of Indigenous histories and people in our community. We recognize and deeply appreciate their historic connection to this place. We also recognize the contributions of Métis, Inuit, and other Indigenous peoples have made, both in shaping and strengthening this community in particular, and our province and country as a whole. Check out Sex Toy Bingo for a change of scenery, still get the bar amenities, Great Booze, food and people, but with a little dirty twist. We have some extra suprises in store for you, maybe some whip cream, strawberries… You must be a current Fanshawe College student to participate. If you are attending in person, you must have a valid Fanshawe student card or be 19+. Pate asked for a three-week adjournment for time to review the disclosure. Walter James Brooks, the general manager at St. Mary’s Entertainment Centre, is facing allegations of historical sexual crimes stemming from the 1980s. When search suggestions are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. There’s a __% chance that a lucky player would win after calling __ items.

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CircusWest is excited to present THE GOLDEN TICKET, a family friendly circus production this June 23rd-26th at the PNE Garden Auditorium. The new show is a reimagining of Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ with circus twists and turns along the way. Follow Charlie and Charlene as they navigate the wacky and whimiscal Wonka worlds, survive shenanigans of spoilt golden ticket winners, and battle their demons — both real and imagined. THE GOLDEN TICKET will showcase high flying aerials, dynamic acrobatics, mesmerizing object manipulations, and daring feats of balance and strength. ⁠ ⁠ Come cheer on Willy Wonka, the Golden Ticket winners, the Ooompa Loompas, mystical Spirits and a colourful cast of Factory workers as they weave a tale of finding your path and sticking to your convictions. July 15 • 6 PM – 11 PM Show you are interested in sparking a conversation by wearing a wristband. (Open to guests 18+) For those who need a little help, Playland’s official “matchmakers” and comedians, Cassie Barradas and Karla Monterrosa are here to help. Find them at the West Coast Wheel where you can take your new match on the chat-friendly ride. (Open to guests 18+) Once you find a match and the conversation is flowing, try your hand at Sweet Escape Mini Golf or head to our Games Midway for lots of games, prizes, and excitement.

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Thrill seekers can enjoy match-friendly rides like The Beast, Enterprise, or Revelation along with everything else Playland has to offer. Entertainment provided by 94.5 Virgin Radio plus, DJ Duo Franstar and Danglez. The event is curated towards the promotion of consent, safe sex practices and healthy relationships. Students from MRU have been attending the bingo event for roughly half a decade, and attendance is always growing, with over 100 people attending each of the two annual events. Twice a year, Mount Royal University’s Student Association hosts their Sex Toy Bingo event in order to promote safe sex and healthy relationships. It’s $10 per card, and I’ll send you your very own bingo card and private zoom link on the day-of. All you need is a laptop with your camera very much turned ON, 5-10 cocktails and your most eleguint bedroom strip club fashions, I’ll take care of the rest. “What I’ve added in Vancouver is variety-hour elements with guest performances,” says Loven, who sometimes hosts the show in drag—as he will at the VAG. “And now it’s turned into this really immersive game night where things start to happen around the audience members and there’s this unconventional storytelling. Things start happening in the room and people start to question what’s real and what isn’t. A weekly televised bingo game will assist ten different local charities in Elliot Lake. You can challenge your friends or post your results online for a chance to win prizes. “[It’s] a game that you can play with your friends, with your family. It’s a great way to get out into the community to visit our growing network of over 615 Little Free Libraries,” said Bondaroff. We’re all doing our best to stay in self-isolation and keep everyone safe! Playgrounds are off-limits but family walks are still a great way to get out and enjoy the sun on your face. Now you can make those walks even more fun, thanks to a Toronto resident who created these neighbourhood Bingo cards. On October 1st and 2nd, join thousands of BINGO and gaming enthusiasts with hours of entertainment at Vancouver’s magnificent Pacific Coliseum – in support of 6 wonderful BC not-for-profit organizations. Sheridan Student Union is committed to providing accommodations for our virtual events to everyone. If you require an additional support please feel free to contact There are many ways to spot a bad sex programme or article – one that’s been made to fit an agenda, perhaps, or one that is more about prurience and sensationalism than accuracy or helping people. This is the place to go to find out about your student council, events and contests, information about your bus pass and health plan and how to get involved with the Student Union. St. Mary’s First Nation issued a notice on its website on July 22 announcing that the St. Mary’s board of directors and chief and council held a session regarding the executive management at the entertainment centre. The head of the St. Mary’s First Nation bingo hall is facing historical sexual assault charges stemming from incidents that allegedly happened in the 1980s. We have the largest co-op program in the world, and some students have work placements after only one term of school . It isn’t uncommon for students to graduate with no debt, without any help from their parents. So many people are attending, in fact, that the event has had to be moved to MRU’s Wyckham House rather than The Hub, the university’s on-campus bar. She adds various volunteers from the different charities will assist in the programming and cards will be available for purchase next week. A 92-year-old retired priest charged in connection with an allegation of sexual abuse at a residential school in Manitoba has pleaded not guilty. After Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet was accused by a woman of sexual assault in a class-action lawsuit introduced this week, more women have come forward with similar allegations against members of the province’s Catholic Church. CAKE hits The GMC Stage at the PNE Amphitheatre on August 24! ⁠ ⁠ CAKE’s adherence to their original guiding principles has only grown stronger.

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“It’s totally political,” said the president of the United States, speaking of an alleged sexual assault victim. Big BC Bingo benefits 6 wonderful not-for-profit organizations. Supporting BC children, mental health, cerebral palsy, culture, & heritage, this gaming event will greatly benefit those who need it most in our province. Join thousands of BINGO and gaming enthusiasts with hours of entertainment at Vancouver’s magnificent Pacific Coliseum – in support of 6 wonderful BC not-for-profit organizations. Come relieve some of that end-of-term stress by visiting with a therapy dog team from St. John’s Ambulance. Join Adrianna Exposée for an evening of bingo, prizes and education about consent. Celebrate Pride Week with this fun new twist on a classic game! So much coverage of sex in the media is boiled down to the simplest of clichés and the loudest of headlines. People with vested interests – campaigners, people selling toys, remedies and dubious fixes – are uncritically quoted as experts. Seventy-five Sex Ed BingoTM caller cards with the terms printed on the top and its definition printed on the bottom. A detailed glossary explaining each of the seventy-five terms. Everyone can play, People of all walks come from all around London. Check out the event everyone is talking about and have a little adult fun while your at it. Walter James Brooks, general manager at St. Mary’s Entertainment Centre, is facing two counts of sexual assault and two counts of gross indecency. For more control of your online game, create a clone of this card first. To access these services, book an appointment with a nurse or doctor. “The event is also important in the de-stigmatization of all types of sex, including no sex at all,” says Eddy Robinson, administrative assistant to the MRU Pride Centre. When he wasn’t touring his puppet- and object-based theatrical works around North America and the globe, the Minneapolis-born artist would host his own warped bingo nights at home.

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She says the work has paid off with the first game airing on Sunday, February 2nd, and every Sunday after that from the ELNOS offices in downtown Elliot Lake. Organizer of the Elliot Lake Charity TV Bingo program, Sue Jarmovitch, has been working hard behind the scenes to bring together various partners to support the program. Next month, Cambrian College in Sudbury will be offering a chemical engineering technician program with hopes of helping meet the demand for skilled workers in the field. Saskatchewan plans to send people to Alberta to get privatized surgeries, but the cost of travel won’t be covered by the government. Despite a growing number of people who are opting for a doctor’s help in ending their own lives, the practice remains controversial, and very much up for debate. Quebec’s pension fund manager, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, will have to figure out a way to fix the hole in people’s wallets after the worst first-half of the year in recent years on the markets. An Ontario mayor had some harsh words for protesters who attempted to place local police officers under arrest Saturday. There are two cards available, one for children and one for advanced readers. “You visit the little free library and if you find that item you can scribble it in,” he said. “The idea is it’s another way of adding fun and whimsy to little free libraries.” “On the card you have different boxes, so we have books about plants and gardening, book written in French, a Danielle Steel novel,” said Bondaroff. Sharing is a lovely idea, but the problem is that it’s hard to understand, especially for little ones’ brains. You can give each family member their own card to fill in or use one and fill it as a family. My teacher publicly ridiculed my classmate and I and invited our friends to join in on the fun. Surveillance video from a north Edmonton bingo hall shows the brazen theft of an ATM. If you require information in an alternate format, experience a barrier to inclusion or wish to provide feedback on accessibility at Nipissing University, please contact We are grateful to be able to live and learn on these lands with all our relations. Featuring over 200 large 8ft Tables all action packed with Vintage to Current Comics, Action Figures, Video Games & all things Pop Culture related! BREAKOUT Festival 2022 Saturday September 17th & Sunday September 18th, 2022 @ PNE AMPHITHEATRE. Tickets on sale at noon today! On April 19, 2022, join us on Fountain Campus to relieve end-of-term stress by visiting with a therapy dog. Practice body awareness and mindfulness of the senses as ways to channel artistic creation.

Learn more about our8 Dimensions of Wellness Initiativeand read more about the history of Pride, and more on ourSheridan Pride page. We have Spencer Rice from the hit TV Series, Kenny Vs. Spenny making the trip to Waterloo to call the shots! He has a variety of different games & performances stuffed down his pants! Play 10 games and compete for prizes best kept in your bedside drawers. The UNBSU’s Sex Week strives to foster an inclusive, educational, and empowering conversation about sex, sexuality, and relationships. Brought to you by Sense About Sex , a brilliant and fun way to counter all the misinformation that seems to get repeated over and over again in the media, despite no scientific evidence to support it. Read below the card for information from the Bad Sex Media Bingo site . We recognize the impacts of colonization on our Two Spirit and Queer Indigenous communities. Before colonization, Two-Spirit people were included and respected as valued community members, often holding revered roles such as healers, matchmakers, and counsellors, among many others. As part of the colonization process, there has been an attempted erasure of Two-Spirit people. The western religious values and belief systems that were imposed on Indigenous people condemned any sort of sexual or gender diversity, and Two-Spirit and Queer Indigenous people were killed or forced into assimilation and hiding. One of many lasting impacts of colonization on Two-Spirit and Queer people, is an increased level of homophobia and transphobia within many Indigenous communities. In one file, Brooks, 55, is accused of committing sexual assault and gross indecency sometime between Jan. 4, 1983, and July 1, 1985, in Fredericton. Waterloo is a small city, but don’t let its population numbers fool you. It’s got a very active community spanning two downtown areas. There is always something going on and the opportunities are endless. With public transportation to Toronto continually improving and our new Ion LRT system being installed, Waterloo is a hub in the middle of a fast-paced and globally connected tech corridor. Enveloping this high-tech hub is a small-town feel, with weekly farmers’ markets, quaint restaurants and coffee shops. The Aboriginal Business Investment Fund helps Indigenous community-owned businesses capitalize on business development opportunities to improve socio-economic outcomes. The child was apprehended pursuant to the Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act and has received support and specialized care resources. If you’re republishing online, you must link to the URL of the original story on The table of sex toy prizes always has a number of different products, ranging from items you can use individually, and others for partner play. I’ll announce the prizes from the very generous partners throughout the week leading up to the game. Expect a night of sexy songs for lap dancing, pole riding and bed rocking. We can’t make it to the strip club, or just the club in general for up-close dancing, so let’s get together online in your silkiest pajama looks and get sweaty together. At the VAG installment, shortened to 30 minutes so visitors can participate in the game at different times over the evening, he’ll be riffing on a playlist that features only LGBTQ artists. Espanola has had TV bingo for many years under the programming and support of the Espanola Lions Club. Elliot Lake will host its first TV bingo on February 24th, which will benefit ten local charities. At a charity golf tournament and gala raising money for the North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation, former Ontario Premier Mike Harris addressed the staffing crisis in hospitals and fears of privatizing health care. University of Saskatchewan researchers say the viral load of COVID-19 in Saskatoon’s wastewater has shown a week-over-week increase the past month, potentially meaning cases of the virus are on the rise. Calgary police are working to identity a woman allegedly involved in a hate-motivated incident aboard a Calgary Transit bus earlier this month. The Lower Mainland’s third heat warning of the summer is concerning health officials and meteorologists, who warn that those British Columbians most at risk of heat-related-illness have been facing elevated temperatures for weeks. Then, venture out to any of the hundreds of little libraries in Greater Victoria to look for the items on your bingo card.